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P-20 Council of the Ozarks

The P-20 Council of the Ozarks, facilitated by Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC), is comprised of representatives from OTC, Springfield Public Schools, the area 4-year colleges and universities, the Workforce Investment Board, area Chambers of Commerce, regional business and industry leaders, as well as other K-12 districts in the Southwest Region. This Council is striving to establish and carry out the goals of this initiative for the region.

The P-20 Council of the Ozarks had its inaugural meeting on June 4, 2010 during a Council Summit held at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO. The event was attended by over 50 individuals and provided a springboard for future endeavors of the Council. Currently, over 120 individuals are participating in the Council and working toward achieving its goals.


The P-20 Council of the Ozarks is a partnership of educators, employers, community members and policymakers working together to provide consistent leadership thus ensuring seamless progression through education into the workforce and society.


Productive citizens in the local and global workforce of the 21st century


1. Develop strategies for optimal outcomes in the transition through education and into the workforce.
2. Foster collaboration among pre-kindergarten, elementary, secondary, post-secondary and graduate education institutions and the business and workforce sectors.
3. Improve academic achievement and college success while promoting lifelong learning.

P-20 Information

The following links and documents contain pertinent and helpful information related to the development of the P-20 Council of the Ozarks. Check back often for new information.



SW MO Connections and State Reports

For more information on the P-20 Council of the Ozarks or to become involved in one of our committees, please contact Dr. Gavin O’Connor at or 417-447-8241.

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