6.25 – Food Service Policy

  1. The Food Services Operation on the OTC campus includes the following:

    1. All food prepared and made available in the cafeteria in the Information Commons West;

    2. All banquets, luncheons and other meals or foods served anywhere on OTC facilities, whether to College groups or outside groups using College facilities;

    3. All food and beverages made available through vending or other sales at any campus location.

  2. The primary purpose of Food Services Operation on the OTC campus is to provide educational opportunities for secondary and post-secondary students enrolled in carious credit and non-credit programs, including the culinary and hospitality programs.

  3. Although the primary purpose of OTC’s Food Service operation is to provide educational opportunities for students, an important secondary purpose is to provide quality, affordable meals and food to OTC students, faculty and staff, within appropriate hours of operation.

  4. The Manager of Food Service has daily responsibility for the operations of the OTC Cafeteria in the Information Commons West. Those responsibilities include:

    1. Preparing a list of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner in weeks when the cafeteria is in operation;

    2. Coordinating staffing to insure adequate service during appropriate hours of operation;

    3. Coordinating with secondary and post-secondary instructional staff to insure maximum instructional opportunities for OTC students;

    4. Purchasing appropriate items for the cafeteria operations and coordinating the purchase of Items by the culinary instructional programs, including food and beverages;

    5. Providing a regular accounting with the assistance of the Business Office of the expenses and revenues of the Food Services Operation;

    6. Coordinating scheduling of the meeting and dining rooms in the Information Commons West.

  5. The Manager of Food Service shall prepare menus and set prices for items sold in the cafeteria in consultation with the instructional staff to maximize student learning opportunities. It is the responsibility of the Manager of Food Service to communicate the hours of operation, menu, pricing and other relevant information concerning food service to students, faculty and staff.

  6. The Food Service Manager shall allow meal charges only for College events sanctioned by the Chancellor or Vice Chancellors. There shall be no individual charging of meals.

Adopted 8/12/02
Revised 9/9/02