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2.20 – Comprehensive Final Examinations (Assessments)

  1. Purpose

    Establish the College’s position on end of term assessment for courses.

  2. Policy

    It is the policy of the College that all courses will include a comprehensive end of term assessment.

  3. Procedure

    1. Each course will have a consistent assessment to be given during the pre-determined final testing period for each section of the course regardless of location or delivery method.

    2. This assessment will be of a comprehensive nature to measure the students general understanding of the topics covered throughout the course.

    3. Each assessment will be delivered in a manner to most effectively utilize the allotted time period provided

    4. Any deviation from these procedures must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, prior to the scheduled assessment period.

  4. Responsibilities


  5. Definitions


  6. Authority

    This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

  7. Related Policies


  8. Implementation

    1. Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 10/11/11.

    2. Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 09/28/11. Set for review on 9/27/16.

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