3.04 – Hiring Employees

  1. Purpose

    To provide guidance and standards for the hiring process.

  2. Policy

    The policy of this college shall be that the employees of the college will be hired in accordance with college procedures. The college’s Anti-Discrimination Statement applies to the hiring process. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the approval of offers of full-time employment as recommended by the Chancellor.

  3. Procedures
    1. When it is determined by the Chancellor or appropriate Vice Chancellor that a position needs to be filled, the Office of Human Resources will announce the vacancy through appropriate channels.
    2. All applicants are expected to submit an OTC employment application form and agree to submit to a background check if they are to be recommended for hire. All applications will be maintained by the Office of Human Resources for at least one year.
      1. A current employee interested in applying for a new position is expected to complete an application form.
      2. An employee who has been counseled and issued an Employee Warning Notice in the past year is not eligible to apply for a new position.
      3. An employee who has been in a position for less than one year (either as a new hire or after applying for and receiving a new position) will typically not be hired into a new position.
    3. Based on the qualifications of the applicants as they relate to the college’s needs and the requirements of the position being sought, a final pool of candidates will be determined, the candidates will be interviewed, and the successful candidate will be chosen.
    4. Successful full-time candidates will be recommended to the Chancellor for hire, pending the outcome of a reference check and background check (Policy 3.05). Unsuccessful candidates will be notified.
      1. For those positions at the college that require a successful completion of a physical exam, an individual’s failure to take or pass such an exam will result in a job offer being revoked.
    5. Prior to assuming duty, an employee will be required, as applicable, to complete and file with the Office of Human Resources a number of employment-related forms. Failure to timely complete required forms may result in revocation of the job offer.
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Definitions
    Full-time: Full-time employees are those who work a regular schedule of 40 hours each week; however, additional hours over 40 may be required when necessary based on the needs of the college. These employees are benefit eligible.
  6. Authority

    This policy is maintained under the authority of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Workforce Development.

  7. Related Policies

    3.05 Employee Background Checks

  8. Implementation