3.24 – Educational Leave Without Pay

A request for educational leave for which the employee is not eligible under the foregoing leave-with-pay policy must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  1. The benefit to the institution demonstrably outweighs the penalty incurred by the employee’s absence.

  2. Duties of the employee can be covered during the leave period in a manner that is acceptable to the administration.

  3. No cost is incurred by the institution as a result of the proposed leave.

  4. Retention of Benefits

    1. The employee shall retain all accumulated unused sick leave, retirement status, and time earned toward the performance annual salary increase. Eligibility to accumulate leave and time toward salary increases ceases on the date leave without pay begins.

    2. Accumulated vacation leave may be exhausted before going on leave without pay or the employee may choose to retain part or all of accumulated leave until return to service.

    3. While on leave without pay, the employee may continue coverage under the College health insurance program by paying the full premium cost (no contribution by the College).