3.46 – Staff Enrollment and Tuition Exemption

  1. Purpose

    To encourage the professional development and educational growth of College employees by providing tuition exemption for courses offered by the College.

  2. Policy
    1. Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in a maximum of twelve (12) college credit hours per fall and/or spring semester and six (6) college credit hours per summer term with tuition waiver. Additionally, for full-time employees only, common student fees will be waived for each credit hour approved for tuition waiver. This does NOT include course-specific fees.
    2. Full-time employees may assign part or all of the allowable college credit hours to their spouse and/or their eligible dependent children. Eligible dependent children are defined by the Internal Revenue Code.
    3. Regular part-time employees (excluding OTC work study and student workers) are eligible to enroll in a maximum of three (3) college credit hours per semester (fall, spring or summer) with tuition waiver.
    4. Tuition waiver is limited to the Tier I tuition rate at the employee’s appropriate residency status. Total credit hours waived are capped at twelve (12) per fall and/or spring semester, six (6) per summer term. Except where explicitly allowed, tuition waiver does not apply to student/student tech fees, infrastructure fees, lab fees, textbooks, incidentals, supplies or materials. To be valid, tuition waiver must be submitted within the two weeks following the first day of class of the semester/term.
    5. Tuition waiver is not allowable for the repetition of a course.
  3. Procedures
    1. Classes may not be attended during regular working hours or during scheduled lunch periods without prior written approval from the appropriate college Vice Chancellor.
    2. Attendance of classes during regular working hours or during scheduled lunch periods will not be approved unless such attendance is considered to be in the best interest of the College. “Best interest of the College” is defined as attendance of an individual class or pursuit of a degree which will, upon completion, improve the ability or skill of the employee to perform his/her current position or prepare the employee to perform in a higher level position with the College.
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Definitions
    “Regular, Part Time Employee” – For purposes of this policy, regular part-time employee is defined as being initially employed by the College in a part-time position and enrolled in not greater than one college credit course.

    “Student Worker” – For purposes of this policy, student worker is defined as a current OTC student employed in a student worker position.

  6. Authority

    This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Finance

  7. Related Policies

    3.08(b) Tuition Reimbursement Plan

  8. Implementation
    1. Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 3/12/01. Revised 12/8/03, 9/11/06, 3/8/10 and 2/9/16.
    2. Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 1/26/10, 2/2/16 and 8/22/17. Set for review on 3/1/2019.