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6.30(a) – Personal Wireless Communication Devices

A. Purpose

To provide a policy governing the use of personally owned wireless communication devices for College business. This is to include reimbursement guidelines, eligibility criteria and conditions of use.

B. Policy

The College recognizes that certain, approved positions have periodic need for business related wireless communications. The College will provide a uniform monthly Lump Sum Reimbursement (LSR) to designated employees of the College whose job duties and responsibilities require the additional accessibility afforded by personal wireless communications.

C. Procedures

1. Employees who are required to effectively conduct college business via personal wireless communication devices on a regular, on-going basis are eligible to receive the Lump Sum Reimbursement (LSR) fixed at 80% of allowable charges to a monthly maximum of $40.00. Employees need to meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Travel — Employees who frequently travel and need to be available to communicate with other college associates at any and all times while traveling on college business.
  2. Work Location – Employees who typically work off-site or who have responsibility for multiple college site locations or programs where access to standard communication devices are not available during normal business hours.
  3. Other – Employees whose job responsibilities require them to be accessible regularly during both business hours and non-business hours. This might include employees whose job responsibilities require them to provide technical and/or remote support to the college system, emergency response notifications, and/or during on-call hours.

2. Employees of the Chancellor’s Executive Cabinet are expected to be accessible and on-call to handle College needs as the situation dictates. Personal wireless communication devices are required of this group. The Lump Sum Reimbursement (LSR) is fixed at 80% of allowable charges to a monthly maximum of $80.00.

3. The calculation of the Lump Sum Reimbursement (LSR) will be on the base plan cost of service (including all taxes, discounts, etc.). Additional lines, equipment and other charges will NOT be included in the computation.

4. Acceptance of the LSR will constitute the employee’s permission to allow the College to distribute the phone number as appropriate to conduct official College business, as defined in the approval process.

5. The penalty to an employee for accepting the Lump Sum Reimbursement based on fraudulent communication may include but is not limited to repayment of the LSR and disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

6. If an employee has a College owned wireless communication device as detailed in Policy 6.30 College Owned Wireless Communication Devices, they are ineligible for the LSR.

D. Responsibilities

Recommendations for employees deemed eligible, utilizing the criteria outlined above, must be submitted to the Finance Department by the respective Vice Chancellor. The list of eligible employees will be reviewed and submitted by July 31 of each fiscal year.

E. Definitions

LSR – Lump Sum Reimbursement

F. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Finance.

G. Related Policies

6.30 College Owned Wireless Communication Devices

H. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 5/19/08.
Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 5/19/08. Revised 7/3/09. Revised 6.9.16. Set for review on 7/3/19.


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