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Room Reservation

Community groups within the OTC district may rent OTC facilities on a limited basis, with certain boundaries. Use of college facilities for outside groups is coordinated through the Office of Administration and Business, following guidelines set forth by the Board of Trustees and administration of the college.

The needs of OTC student groups and employee groups will be considered before facilities are offered to outside organizations. All policies, guidelines and regulations normally followed by college personnel will be observed by groups utilizing college property. Some restrictions exist with regard to days and times college facilities will be made available, such as peak parking periods, holidays and the Safety and Security department schedule. College property is not available for private parties or events. Use of tobacco products and use or possession of alcohol are not permitted on OTC property.

Groups using college facilities for banquets or other events where refreshments are served are obliged to utilize catering offered by the college. Outside catering is not permitted unless authorized by the OTC Catering Manager.

Fees are charged for facility use based on the size and set up of the room, equipment utilized and term of use. Facility use fees are in addition to catering fees.

Users may be required to furnish a certificate of liability insurance and/or sign a facility use contract. OTC reserves the right to prohibit use that would result in excessive wear and tear, provide safety or security risks or be at issue with the college’s goals and mission.

Organizations wishing to inquire about use of college facilities should contact the Scheduling Coordinator for detailed information.

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