Internal Auditor

The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to support members of the institution in the effective achievement of their objectives.

Internal Audit activities provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services that are designed to add value and improve OTC’s operations.

These activities assist the organization in accomplishing its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

The Office of Internal Audit is responsible for assessing the following:

  • Focus on the concept of continual process improvement or total quality management and the incorporation of current and emerging best practices. Promotion of control self-assessment methodologies and principles typical to a learning organization.
  • Evaluation of administrative and financial processes for determining the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and risk management. Advice and guidance would address existing, as well as new policies, procedures and systems.
  • Assessment of the integrity of data and the extent to which assets are accounted for and safeguarded.
  • Determination of the level of compliance with college policies and procedures, state and federal laws and government regulations.
  • Examination of the economy and efficiency of organizational areas in the accomplishment of their missions, so as to identify operational opportunities to leverage resources in order to achieve cost savings/revenue optimization.

If an individual identifies a suspected compliance issue or other concern, we encourage he or she to make a report to his or her supervisor or an appropriate college official. However, if an individual is uncomfortable discussing the concern with a college official, the college has made a hotline available. Individuals may make reports to the hotline anonymously by using the online report submission tool. Every hotline report is immediately sent to the Office of Internal Audit for review.

Examples of reportable issues include the following:

  • Misuse, theft or embezzlement of funds
  • Waste of college resources, funds or property
  • Theft or misuse of information or technology resources
  • Bribes or kickbacks
  • Falsification of contracts, timesheets, reports or other records
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Violations of federal or state laws or regulations
  • Serious or recurring violations of college policies
  • Intentionally misrepresented financial statements or other financial reports

Ethics Hotline

Office of Internal Audit
1001 East Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, MO 65802

Wayland E. Mueller
Internal Auditor