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Mission, Vision and Core Values

OTC’s Mission Statement

The college mission is to provide accessible, high quality and affordable learning opportunities that transform lives and strengthen the communities we serve.

OTC’s Vision Statement

The college vision is to serve our communities by expanding opportunities for personal and professional growth through our commitment to excellence and innovation.

OTC’s Core Values

 Quality Opportunity
 Accessibility Learning
 Diversity Innovation
 Community Respect
 Integrity Personal Growth

OTC’s Strategic Initiatives

  • Improve instruction and delivery of services at every point in the institution to increase opportunities for students to attain their educational goals
  • Improve the success and progression of developmental education students through attainment of their educational goals
  • Increase the college’s physical and online capacity to enhance student learning and success
  • Strengthen the college’s fiscal resources and sustainability through increased external funding

Quality: We will enhance the quality of the faculty, staff, administration and facilities in order to promote continuous responsiveness to the expanding learning needs of the community.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of all programs and services will be continuously assessed to ensure integrity and quality are maintained and improved.

Community Collaboration: Meaningful relationships within the college’s service areas will be formed, allowing OTC to develop new programs that reflect the educational needs of the community stakeholders.

Retention and Graduation Rates: The college will encourage faculty, staff and administration to continually strive to improve the rate of student retention and graduation.

Graduate Performance: The college will promote high academic standards that will serve to enhance the success of graduates at the workplace and in transfer institutions.

Innovation: The college will provide innovative teaching strategies that promote continued learning opportunities for students.

Affordability: The college will provide affordable learning opportunities to all community members.

Learning Centered: The college will promote a learning-centered environment that focuses on students’ needs and reduces barriers to student success

-Mission, Vision and Core Values

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