1.06 – Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

  1. Select and appoint the Chancellor.

  2. Determine the general policies which will govern the district.

  3. Consider and take appropriate action in all matters of policy relating to the welfare of the College on recommendation of the Chancellor.

  4. Assume final responsibility after evaluating administrative recommendations for making decisions concerning appointment, compensation, retention or dismissal of staff members.

  5. Approve the annual budget.

  6. Approve all expenditures.

  7. Provide ways and means for adequate financial support.

  8. Function as the legislative and policy-making body of the district, leaving the executive function to the Chancellor.

  9. Serve as a court of final appeal for students, employees and citizens of the district on matters of policy and policy interpretation.  The student making the appeal may still secure further due process by legal action.

  10. Ensure that policies adopted by the Board are consistent with the provisions of law.

  11. Cause the annual financial statement to be published.