2.05 – Articulated Credit

A. Purpose

To provide credit for introductory college-level courses in career and technical education programs for high school students through established articulation agreements.

B. Policy

The college will maintain a process to award credit for approved career and technical education courses taken at the high school level.

C. Procedures

Courses are approved by the college, and an official articulation agreement will be signed and maintained on file with the college for each approved course.

Students taking an approved and articulated course at their home high school will enroll in the CATEMA database. This enrollment will allow credit to be earned at the college once the student has successfully completed the course with a B or better on a 4.0 scale, has maintained an overall high school GPA of 2.0, and graduated from the high school.

Credit for the articulated course will be applied to the college transcript upon completion of an articulated credit application and after the first semester of college has been successfully completed.

Transfer of an articulated credit to a four-year institution will be in accordance with the standards of admission of the particular college or university.

D. Definitions


E. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

F. Related Policies

G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 01/13/2020.

Purpose, procedures, responsibilities, and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 12/12/2019. Set for review in fiscal year 2026 – 2027.