2.51 – Copyright Compliance Policy

Ozarks Technical Community College is committed to operating in compliance with U. S. copyright law and enjoining copyright compliance by its instructors, staff and students in their performance of College related activities. A Copyright Compliance Coordinator, appointed by the Chancellor, oversees appropriate activities including, but not limited to:

1) Posting of copyright compliance notices at appropriate locations in College facilities.
2) Providing copyright compliance information and in-service activities as needed to instructors, staff and friends.
3) Presenting copyright compliance guidelines in College publications such as the faculty, employee and student handbooks.

In particular, the College promotes an awareness and understanding of  “fair use”, “works for hire” and other copyright concepts that are of special significance in instructional activities and materials so that students and instructors are better able to comply with U. S. copyright law.

“Fair use” allows that in specific circumstances it is fair to use a copyrighted work, without expressed permission from the copyright holder, for a limited and personal purpose which does not in any way damage the copyright holder’s ability to profit from the work.

College faculty, staff and students who infringe copyright by abusing “fair use” do so at their own risk.

“Works for hire” specifies that work created by an employee (faculty or staff) within the scope of employment or at the direction of the employer or using substantial resources provided by the employer is, by law, a work made for hire and, therefore, owned by the employer (the College).

Unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by the College in advance, all copyright rights, publication rights and royalty rights resulting from works developed by College faculty or staff shall remain the exclusive property of the College.