3.14 – Evaluation of Performance

A. Purpose

To establish standards for the evaluation of employee performance.

B. Policy

Employees are subject to an annual performance evaluation. The Chancellor is evaluated on an annual basis by the Board of Trustees.

C. Procedures

Employee Evaluations

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the employee on an annual basis, using the evaluation tool(s) prescribed by the college. The evaluation process allows the supervisor to evaluate an employee’s effectiveness, identify strengths and areas for improvement, document substandard performance, and clarify expectations.

After an evaluation has been completed by the supervisor, it is to be discussed with the employee. The employee is asked to sign the evaluation acknowledging that it has been discussed. Signing the evaluation report does not mean the employee agrees with the evaluation; it means the employee is aware of and has been informed of the evaluation.

All evaluations are forwarded to the Office of Human Resources and placed in the employee’s file and retained in accordance with the applicable records retention schedule as required by the State of Missouri.

Chancellor Evaluation

The Chancellor’s evaluation is conducted annually by the Board of Trustees in a closed session per Missouri Statute paragraph 610.021(3).

D. Definitions


E. Authority

This policy and these procedures are maintained under the authority of the College Director of Human Resources.

F. Related Policies


G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 1/13/2020

Purpose, Procedures, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies sections approved and adopted by the Chancellor’s Cabinet on 12/12/2019

Set for review in fiscal year 2022-2023