3.28 – On-Call Time

A.    Purpose

To establish the guidelines for non-exempt employees’ “on-call” time and when such time is compensable.

B.    Policy

Non-exempt employees may be assigned to “on-call” duties. When employees are “on-call” they must be available and able to return to a college owned or leased property expeditiously.

C.    Procedures

If a non-exempt employee is required to remain on the college’s premises, or so close to the premises that they cannot use their time effectively for their own purposes, this is compensable work time.

An employee who is not required to remain on or near the college’s premises, but is available via cell phone or other means, and is able to effectively use that time for personal purpose is not considered working while on call. Thus, the employee does not need to be compensated for this time. However, any time during which an employee performs work in responding to a call is considered work time and will be compensated.

In certain circumstances, based on department standard operating procedures, employees can be paid for a minimum number of hours if called in or during on-call status.

Any department that wants to have employees in an on-call status must consult with the Office of Human Resources and have approval from the appropriate vice chancellor.

D.    Definitions

E.    Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the chief human resources officer.

F.    Related Policies

3.26 Compensable Travel Time

G.    Implementation

Purpose, Procedures, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies approved and adopted by the chancellor’s cabinet on 07/28/2020.

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 11/11/2019 and 08/10/2020. Set for review in fiscal year 2023-2024.