3.43 – Political Activity of Employees

A.    Purpose

To establish standards for employees engaged in political activities.

B.    Policy

Each college employee retains all the rights and obligations of citizenship provided in the Constitution and laws of the State of Missouri and the United States. The college is committed to free and open discussion of ideas and opinions. The college will not pressure employees to support a particular candidate or position. Employees engaged in political activities are expected to do so in a manner consistent with college procedures.

C.    Procedures

No employee shall:

Take any active part in managing a campaign, or campaign for political office or otherwise engage in political activity while on duty or within any period of time during which the employee is expected to perform services for which they receive compensation from the college;

Use the authority of the employee’s position or utilize college funds, supplies, vehicles or other college resources to secure support for or oppose any candidate, party, or issue in a partisan election involving candidates for office or party nominations, or to affect the results thereof;

Make any promise or provide personal preferential treatment or threat of loss to encourage or coerce any employee to support or contribute to any political issue, candidate, or party;

Take part in the management of the campaign for the election or defeat of candidates for the Board of Trustees;

Solicit funds or contributions for political candidates or campaigns using the college’s name or during the employee’s working hours;

Have the employee’s participation in political activities reflect unfavorably on the college as determined by the college administration.

Any college employee who seeks a public office must:

Notify the employee’s supervisor and the Chancellor in writing prior to filing the intention to run and serve in a position;

Certify that the employee will not campaign or solicit support during regular working hours;

Ensure the campaign or the elective office will not prevent the employee from effectively completing the employee’s work at the college;

Not involve the college in the employee’s political activities.

If an employee’s political activities prohibit the employee from fulfilling job duties, the Chancellor may require a resignation or request that the employee take an unpaid leave of absence.

D.    Definitions

Public office means any national, state or local governmental position of public trust and responsibility, whether elective or appointive, which is created or prescribed or recognized by constitution, statute or ordinance.

E.    Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the chief human resources officer.

F.    Related Policies

1.09 Conflicts of Interests and Substantial Interests Disclosure Policy

3.42 Employee Use of College Resources and Space

3.40 Employee Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

3.48 Employee Use of Social Media

G.    Implementation

Purpose, Procedures, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies sections approved and adopted by the Chancellor’s Cabinet on 06/25/20.

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 08/10/20. Set for review on fiscal year 2023-2024.