3.49 – Personal Appearance

A.    Purpose

To establish expectations for employees’ personal appearance while working on college premises or representing the institution elsewhere.

B.      Policy

It is the expectation that all employees present an appropriate professional appearance when representing the institution in choice of clothing, grooming, and personal cleanliness, whether working on the college’s premises or elsewhere.

C.    Procedures

Employees should recognize that the college is a public entity and that personal appearances influence students and are a reflection on the college. Acceptable personal appearance, as described below, is an ongoing requirement of employment.

Workplace attire must be neat, clean, and appropriate for the work being performed and for the setting in which the work is performed. All employees are expected to ensure their clothing and accessories are respectful to the college community.

A supervisor may establish specific reasonable dress requirements appropriate to the duties performed and may determine the need for periodic updates. For example, certain employees may be required to meet special dress standards, such as wearing uniforms, depending on the nature of their job. Departments may, on occasion, allow employees to dress in a more casual fashion than is normally required. On these occasions, employees are still expected to present a neat appearance and are not permitted to wear ripped or disheveled clothing, athletic wear or similarly inappropriate clothing.

Supervisors should be consulted if there is a question regarding appropriate dress or appearance. If a supervisor feels that an employee’s appearance is inappropriate, the supervisor will address it with the employee, and the employee may be asked to leave the workplace until properly dressed or groomed. An employee will not be compensated for any work time missed because of failure to comply with designated workplace attire standards.

When necessary, a reasonable accommodation may be made to an employee with a disability.

D.   Definitions

College community is defined as students, faculty, and staff of the college, the Board of Trustees, visitors, contractors and consultants performing work or services on college owned or leased properties and all other invitees of the college.

E.   Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the College Director of Human Resources.

F.   Related Policy

G.    Implementation

Purpose, Procedures, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies sections approved and adopted by the Chancellor’s Cabinet on 05/20/20.

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 4/13/06 and 06/08/20. Set for review on fiscal year 2023-2024.