4.02(a) – College Visitors

All non-student visitors to OTC facilities must abide by the following regulations:

  1. Non-student visitors may not be in shops, laboratories, or other hazardous areas (as defined by OTC or individual College personnel) at any time unless they are escorted by a member of the OTC staff for brief business visits.

  2. All non-students must have instructor approval prior to visiting classrooms.

  3. Minors (non-students of age less than 18 years) are subject to the following:

    1. These regulations apply equally to staff and students. Both are encouraged to make off-campus arrangements for care and supervision of minors to reduce interruption of the educational process and avoid possible injury to a minor.

    2. Minors may not be brought to campus except for single day/evening emergencies or very brief convenience visits. (Scheduled school closings and consecutive-day problems are not considered as emergencies.)

    3. Minors must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all time. Under no circumstances can a minor be on campus unattended.

    4. Minors may not enter shops, labs, or other hazardous areas except as indicated in item #A.

    5. No child under four (4) years of age may attend classes with parents.

    6. The adult supervising a minor must prevent all disturbances and damage to property by the minor.

    7. The adult supervising a minor must promptly leave the classroom and/or campus with the minor upon request by a member of the OTC staff when disruptions or behavior problems occur.

    8. If an instructor requests that a minor not be brought to a class, or requests that the minor leave because of disruption, the parent shall find another responsible adult to supervise the minor during that class.