4.02(j) – Traffic Code

Under the provisions of Missouri statutes, the following traffic code shall be enforced on Ozarks Technical Community College premises:

  1. All of the provisions of Missouri statutes and Springfield municipal ordinances relating to the operation of motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic within the city of Springfield and the state of Missouri shall apply to the streets, roads, alleys, and driveway of the campus of Ozarks Technical Community College along with all other rules and regulations approved by the Board of Trustees.

  2. These rules and regulations shall apply on a 24-hour basis to operators of all vehicles, public or private, while operating a vehicle on the campus of Ozarks Technical Community College.

  3. The operator of any vehicle on the campus of Ozarks Technical Community College shall comply with the legal instructions of any campus police officer and all traffic signs in accordance with the provisions of these regulations. THE RESPONSIBILITY OF FINDING A LEGAL PARKING PLACE RESTS WITH THE MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR. LACK OF SPACE IS NOT CONSIDERED AN EXCUSE FOR VIOLATION OF PARKING REGULATIONS. The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services shall be responsible for insuring that the necessary signs are erected and maintained to carry out the intent of these regulations.

  4. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall insure that information about operating a motor vehicle on College premises is given out at every student orientation and registration. Each student shall have an opportunity to obtain a copy of the traffic code. A copy of the traffic code shall be included in all student handbooks. Failure to obtain such a copy is not, however, an excuse for violation of the traffic code.

  5. All vehicles to be operated on campus must be properly registered and display a hanging tag on the rearview mirror. Students, faculty, and staff shall be required to register their vehicles. Failure to comply with the vehicle registration procedure constitutes an offense equal to a parking violation. This hanging parking tag is good for one academic year or fraction thereof, beginning in the fall semester. Parking tags are obtained normally during registration, but may be purchased from the Business Office at other times.
    The person to whom a vehicle parking tag is issued, as herein provided, shall be responsible for all parking and traffic violations of the vehicle for which the permit is issued. Failure to obtain a parking tag is also the responsibility of the person bringing the vehicle on College premises and constitutes a violation of the traffic code. Bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds shall be considered vehicles subject to this same traffic code.

  6. Citations will be issued for violations of the OTC traffic code. Specific violations of the traffic code include:

    1. Parking in a restricted parking lot or zone.

    2. Parking in a handicapped parking zone without a proper handicapped decal or license plate displayed.

    3. Parking on grass (unless signs indicate this is permissible).

    4. Blocking any legally parked vehicle.

    5. Not displaying a current parking tag.

    6. Failure to display hanging parking tag to inside rearview mirror.

    7. Parking in a “No Parking” zone.

    8. Parking in a “Visitor” or other restricted zone.

    9. Parking against the traffic flow.

    10. Reckless driving.

    11. Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, crosswalk, sidewalk, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit, or another vehicle properly parked.

    12. Protruding into the line of traffic.

    13. Double parking.

    14. Parking on shoulder of road (except where parking is indicated by official signs).

    15. Driving in excess of posted speed limits.

    16. Failure to obey traffic signs.

    17. Failure to obey directions of campus security officers.

    18. Failure to yield the right of way at pedestrian crossings.

    19. Following too closely.

    20. Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

    21. Operating a vehicle causing loud and unnecessary noise such as loud mufflers, horns, sound systems, etc.

    22. Failure to yield right of way to emergency vehicles.

    23. Failure of two-wheeled vehicles to park in areas designated for them.

    24. Operating or parking a vehicle in any manner that creates a safety hazard.

    25. Leaving a vehicle on College premises overnight without notifying the campus security officer.

  7. The following system of citations and fines shall be used:

    1. The campus safety and security officer shall be responsible for issuing citations for improper parking and other traffic code violations.

    2. During the first three (3) class days of each term, warning tickets shall be issued for improper parking. Beginning with the fourth day of classes, citations shall be issued. Students in classes that start at mid-term can expect this same three-day grace period, but will have to file an appeal on any ticket received.

    3. Fines

      1. A schedule of fines will be recommended by the administration and approved annually by the Board of Trustees. The schedule of fines will be available in the Business Office.

      2. Fines shall be paid in the Business Office and receipted by the cashier.

      3. Fines must be paid immediately after all appeals have been exhausted; or the person has not filed notification of the intent to appeal immediately following his last hearing; or ten (10) calendar days after the ticket was issued and the time for appeal has expired, whichever is greater.

    4. When a vehicle which is improperly parked so as to obstruct the flow of traffic or movement of other vehicles is identified, the driver of the vehicle will be notified to move the vehicle immediately. This may require calling the student out of class. If a student is notified more than once to move an improperly parked vehicle, the student’s driving privileges on College premises may be revoked.

  8. In addition to the standard fines imposed for violations of the traffic code, the following penalties may also be imposed:

    1. The College may prohibit a student from registering for classes for the next term if the student owes fines from a previous term.

    2. The College may withhold grades, transcripts, and deny graduation from students for failure to pay fines.

    3. Faculty and staff will be subject to disciplinary procedures in accordance with College policy.

    4. Delinquent fines will be added to the student’s financial account with the College. The student will not be permitted to re-enroll until fines are paid.

    5. If a vehicle is towed or booted, all costs incurred shall be born by the violator.

  9. Students receiving citations or penalties resulting from alleged violations of the traffic code may do any of the following:

    1. Pay the fine (note the 50% reduction for early payment).

    2. File notice of appeal by following this procedure:

      1. Obtain an appeal form from the Business Office and submit the appeal not later than ten (10) calendar days to the chief justice of the Student Government Association.

      2. Students dissatisfied with the verdict of the Student Government Court may file notice of appeal with the SGA chief justice immediately upon receiving the verdict of the Student Court. The next level of appeal is to the Chancellor. Final appeal rests with the Chancellor.


Revised 12/8/97