4.02(u) – Scheduling of Guest Speakers

  1. Overview

    Ozarks Technical Community College welcomes the free and open presentation of ideas and opinions by speakers of all viewpoints expressed in the spirit of respect for the viewpoints of others and which do not violate the courtesy and considerations of others necessary for the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

    The scheduling of guest speakers, other than College staff, in College facilities for presentations opened and announced to the public requires approval of the appropriate College administrator(s).

  2. In-Class Presentations

    In-class presentations by non-OTC staff or instructors should be arranged only to enhance the learning experience of students and to achieve the stated goals of the course. Instructors should invite speakers who will be objective and balanced in their presentations; however, realizing that a speaker who presents only one side of an issue may enhance the learning environment, students who disagree with the point of view of the presentation should be given reasonable class time to respond. When appropriate, the Public Relations Office should be notified regarding outside speakers of special interest.

  3. Public Presentation

    In the case of a presentation that is announced and open to the entire College community and the public, appropriate members of administration must be informed prior to the announcement. This enables administrators to determine if the presentation may raise public relations, security or other non-academically related concerns that must be considered before scheduling guest speakers. In most circumstances this notification will serve to avoid scheduling and room usage conflicts.
    The following procedures should be followed when scheduling a guest speaker for public presentations.

    1. Notification of a scheduled guest speaker should be submitted in writing and forwarded 10 days prior to the tentative date, if possible, of a public presentation to the dean to whom the staff or instructors submitting the notification report(s). If approved by the dean, the request shall be forwarded to the appropriate Vice Chancellor and the Public Relations Office within two days. The written request must include:

      1. Contact information for the person who is being considered to make a presentation. (if the speaker represents an organization and is making the presentation on its behalf, its name and address must also be included.)

      2. A brief description of the expected content of the presentation, its purpose and its primary anticipated audience.

      3. Tentative date and time of speaking engagement.

      4. Size of room required and configuration of seating if the presentation is planned to be held somewhere other than in a regularly scheduled class room.

      5. Name(s), title(s) and contact information for the staff or instructor(s) submitting the notification.

    2. The Public Relations Office will inform the Chancellor of the anticipated presentation.
      The Chancellor shall reserve the right to cancel the presentation if he or she, after consultation with the appropriate staff, instructors and administrators, determines that the presentation is not appropriate.

    3. Once approval has been granted,

      1. OTC Safety & Security shall be notified to allow for planning and assistance with any parking arrangements necessary.

      2. The College scheduling coordinator (located in the office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services) shall be contacted to schedule an appropriate meeting place and arrange for any particular room setups required.

August 13, 2007