3.08B – Tuition Reimbursement Plan

  1. Overview

    The College believes that employees who desire to continue their education, in addition to performing their jobs, show a commitment to improving themselves and their position within the College. Employees should first take full advantage of the education and professional development opportunities offered at OTC (see Policy 3.46 Staff Enrollment and Tuition Exemption). When professional development opportunities are needed or required beyond those offered by OTC, employees may apply for professional development funds through the Tuition Reimbursement Plan.

  2. Qualifications
    1. An application and Plan for Professional Development must be developed, reviewed by the supervisor and Vice Chancellor, and recommended by the Chancellor for approval prior to enrollment.
    2. Courses must be a part of a curriculum leading to a degree in a job-related field or the course must be job-related.
    3. Courses must be offered by a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.
    4. Only full-time employees who have completed one (1) year of employment are eligible for reimbursement under the Plan.
    5. The employee must indicate in writing his/her intent to be under contract to the College for the next academic year.
    6. If employees are eligible to receive educational benefits from alternate sources, OTC will not reimburse these employees for their educational expenses.
    7. All lower division baccalaureate courses (freshman and sophomore) must be taken at OTC. (See Policy 3.46 Staff Enrollment and Tuition Exemption)
    8. Books and fees are not reimbursable under the Plan.
    9. Reimbursement will be as determined periodically by the Board of Trustees.
    10. On completion of the course with a grade of “B” or better, the employee must submit a copy of their tuition paid receipt and a record of their grade to the Plan administrator for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be made in June of each fiscal year, upon receipt of paid receipts and grade record (“B” or better). Payment may be pro-rated when the number of credit hours claimed exceeds the availability of funds.

      Revised 3/12/01
      Revised 8/13/07