5.20 – Suicide Prevention and Awareness

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure the OTC community is provided information on the topic of suicide prevention and related awareness resources.

  2. Policy

    The policy of this college shall be to provide information regarding suicide awareness and prevention to the campus community consistent with Mo. Rev. Stat. § 173.1200.

  3. Procedures
    1. Website – OTC will maintain a suicide prevention and awareness website (available at: https://students.otc.edu/counselingservices/suicide-prevention) that includes, but is not limited to, the following information:
      1. Crisis intervention access, which includes information for national, state, and local suicide prevention hotlines.
      2. Mental health program access, which provides information on the availability of local mental health clinics, student health services, and counseling services.
      3. Multimedia application access, which includes: crisis hotline contact information, suicide warning signs, resources offered, and free- of-cost applications.
      4. Student communication plans, which consist of creating outreach plans regarding educational and outreach activities on suicide prevention.
      5. Post intervention plans, which include creating a strategic plan to communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents after 18 the loss of a student to suicide.
      6. Any applicable free-of-cost prevention materials or programs.
    2. Mental Health Education – All OTC students and employees will be provided with information about mental health topics, including depression and suicide prevention. In addition to the comprehensive website resources, mental health education shall be made available in a variety of platforms and will include the following:
      1. OTCCares and Counseling Services presentations;
      2. OTCCares instructional video available on the OTCCares webpages;
      3. Year-round access to Counseling Services’ mental health course available free through the college’s learning management system to address mental health issues, signs and symptoms, recommended interventions and referral resources;
      4. Information on campus TV monitors;
      5. Professional development presentations offered throughout the year;
      6. System-wide emails drawing attention to available resources
    3. Student Orientation – OTC shall provide all incoming students with information about depression and suicide prevention resources available to students. This information will include available mental health services and other support services.
    4. Anonymous Reporting – Through the online OTCCares reporting system (www.otc.edu/otccares), reports can be submitted by concerned members of the college community. Reports can be submitted anonymously.
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Definitions
  6. Authority

    This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

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  8. Implementation
    1. Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 02/06/2018.
    2. Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 03/12/2018.