Legal Base and Authority for the College

The Junior College District of Central Southwest Missouri, hereinafter sometimes referred to as Ozarks Technical
Community College, or the college, was established in accordance with RSMo 178.790-178.890 by a vote of the
qualified voters on April 3, 1990, with said District to include, and its boundaries be coterminous with, the following
listed school districts in the Springfield area:

Ash Grove R-4
Clever R-5
Everton R-3
Fordland R-3
Greene County R-8
Marshfield R-1
Nixa R-2
Ozark R-6
Pleasant Hope R-6
Republic R-3
Springfield R-12
Strafford R-6
Walnut Grove R-5
Willard R-2

The members of the initial Board of Trustees were elected also on April 3, 1990, in accordance with RSMo 178.820.