Selected Missouri Statutes Pertaining to the Junior College District of Central Southwest Missouri

RSMo    178.770   Organization of junior college districts

178.780   Coordinating Board for Higher Education – duties

178.790   Boundaries of district – election on proposal

178.820   Trustees, election of

RSMo    178.830   Board of Trustees – oath – officers – quorum – vacancies filled, how – seal

178.835   Discipline of students

178.840   Election, when held, how conducted – certification of votes cast

178.850   District to provide courses – per capita cost – tuition charges

RSMo    178.860   Board to appoint employees – fix compensation – teachers to be members of Public School
Retirement System

178.862   Junior College District policy

178.870   Tax rates, limits – how increased and decreased

178.880   Taxation of public utility property

RSMo    178.890   Annexation of school districts – new junior college district formed, when

178.480   Approved schools to receive federal money for vocational education – appropriation of state’s

178.490   Local boards may contract for vocational education services

178.500   May also contract for additional instruction in approved courses

RSMo    178.510   Contracting district to pay tuition – apportionment of state aid

178.520   Vocational education fund

178.530   State Board to establish standards, inspect and approve schools – local board to report –
allocation of money

178.560   Advisory committee to be appointed in each district offering vocational subjects – no compensation

RSMo    163.191   State aid to community colleges – community junior colleges defined