Selected Missouri Statutes Pertaining to the Junior College District of Central Southwest Missouri

RSMo    178.770   Organization of junior college districts

178.780   Coordinating Board for Higher Education Рduties

178.790   Boundaries of district Рelection on proposal

178.820   Trustees, election of

RSMo    178.830   Board of Trustees Рoath Рofficers Рquorum Рvacancies filled, how Рseal

178.835   Discipline of students

178.840   Election, when held, how conducted Рcertification of votes cast

178.850   District to provide courses Рper capita cost Рtuition charges

RSMo    178.860   Board to appoint employees Рfix compensation Рteachers to be members of Public School
Retirement System

178.862   Junior College District policy

178.870   Tax rates, limits Рhow increased and decreased

178.880   Taxation of public utility property

RSMo    178.890   Annexation of school districts Рnew junior college district formed, when

178.480¬†¬† Approved schools to receive federal money for vocational education – appropriation of state’s

178.490   Local boards may contract for vocational education services

178.500   May also contract for additional instruction in approved courses

RSMo    178.510   Contracting district to pay tuition Рapportionment of state aid

178.520   Vocational education fund

178.530¬†¬† State Board to establish standards, inspect and approve schools – local board to report –
allocation of money

178.560   Advisory committee to be appointed in each district offering vocational subjects Рno compensation

RSMo    163.191   State aid to community colleges Рcommunity junior colleges defined