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Trailblazer Awards
These awards recognize OTC employees who blaze trails that move the college and the communities we serve forward. They lead extraordinary change at the college, in the community and among their colleagues. And they serve students in innovative ways, while advancing the Strategic Plan.


Who is eligible to nominate whom?

Any OTC employee can nominate any full-time OTC employee.

When is the nomination period?

Nominations open Oct. 12, 2021 and will close Nov. 30, 2021.

How will winners be chosen?

Nominees will be presented to Strategic Planning Council to select the top ten faculty and top ten staff candidates. These candidates will be presented to the college community for a vote in advance of Innovation Celebration. There, the three faculty and three staff with the most votes will be awarded live.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact Sarah Bargo at bargos@otc.edu or 447-7813 with questions.

Can someone be nominated again?

Yes! Anyone that was nominated in previous years is eligible to be nominated again.