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Innovation Celebration



Active Learning Classroom Design

Philip Arnold, Jennifer Dunkel, Jared Durden,
Daniel Kopsas, Barrie Talbot and Dr. Trisha White

This program will replace fixed furniture with mobile pieces in a classroom in the Norman K. Myers building on the Springfield campus. The redesigned space will feature an interactive and innovative learning environment with mobile whiteboard-top tables and mobile chairs. The redesign will positively impact more than 250 students each semester.

Career Success Resource Center

Cindy Bennett and Tammy Casey

The Career Success Resource Center will repurpose a room on the Springfield campus to expand Career Services’ outreach to students. This project will reconfigure the existing space to include an area for a Career Resource Library, the Dress for Success Career Closet, and an interview space for mock interviews and on-site employer interviews. All of these resources are free for students.

Flying Eagle Disc Golf

Justin Burton, Kaylyn Martin and Jonathan Staats

This project will feature a nine-hole disc golf course at the Richwood Valley campus. The course will run along the current walking trail and will provide students, staff, faculty, and the community with enjoyable outdoor activities on campus.



Ryan Friend, Drafting and Design Technology Instructor

Cara Griffin, Political Science Instructor

Tony Phillips, Automotive Technology Instructor


Deana Davies, Community Resource Specialist

Jordan Schreiber, College Director of Admissions


Brains for Teachers

Dr. Eloise Thomas

This grant will fund the purchase of eight brain models for use in psychology courses. The Springfield campus will receive three brain models, and one each will go to the college’s five other locations.

Closing the Gap

Amy Donovan Munier

This grant will establish a food pantry at the Table Rock campus for students experiencing food insecurity. The nutritional resources will close the gap for students before they can visit a food pantry or receive state benefits.

College Prep Awareness Day

Mallory Maggi

This grant will fund a day-long visit to OTC for students from local alternative high schools. The students will learn to apply to OTC and the financial aid process. The students will also tour the college and learn about the myriad programs they can pursue once enrolled.

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Ed Derr and Tammy Casey

This grant will fund a series of programs during National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October 2023. The initiative will help disabled students learn to navigate the job market.

Inclusivity in Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. Morgan Presley and Dr. Vivian Elder

This grant will purchase torso models with diverse skin tones for anatomy and physiology classes. The funding will also buy posters reflecting how diseases manifest between races and genders.


OTC Jazz Band

Phil Forrester

Music is in the heart of many OTC students, who also want to bring their passion to student life. This grant will establish a lab course and fund the purchase of large instruments. The jazz band will encourage potential music majors and others to perform at OTC and out in the community.

Eagle's Nest

Vicki MacDonald

This grant will transform an existing, underused space into a student lounge on our Springfield campus. The plan includes study and co-working areas, charging stations and casual furniture so students can relax without leaving campus.

Enhanced Lactation Rooms

Kevin Luebbering, Cody Garcia-Pustari, Sarah Gott, Jill Rea, Deanna Davies and Michelle Ciesielski

Pregnant and parenting students face special challenges while advancing their education and careers. This grant will create better equipped and more comfortable lactation rooms to help mothers across the OTC system, including employees.



Jim Bridwell, Welding Technology Instructor

Heather Eberlin, Agriculture Instructor

Danelle Maxwell, Manufacturing Department Chair


Raymond Wade, College Director of Facilities and Grounds

Amy Schneider, Instructional Designer

Chelsea Foresee, Technical Education College Navigator


Growth through Gaming

Pan Porter

Designed to improve student life at the OTC Table Rock Campus, this project will provide board games for students to play while waiting for class, hanging out with friends or unwinding after a long day.

Workshop for Veterans: Developing Good Habits for Academic and Professional Spaces

Sadie Newman

This project will combine the innovative minds of OTC Online and IT to create a centralized location for students who need assistance with Canvas or IT.

Expand the Library Audiobook Collection

Sarah Fancher

OTC students love audiobooks. This project will add more high-interest fiction and non-fiction titles to the library collections across the OTC system.


Strategic Initiative #1: Eagle Pride Showcase

Rene Wade, Danelle Maxwell, Ryan Friend, Robert Randolph and Marcia Wheeler

The Eagle Pride Showcase will display outstanding student work to celebrate the tangible results achieved in the college’s 40+ programs. Display items will be equipped with a QR code so viewers can obtain more information about the program represented in each piece of work.

Strategic Initiative #2: Outdoor Classroom

Robert Clark, Justin Freese, Jared Durden, Mike Martin and Dr. Morgan Presley

This capital project will create an outdoor classroom space available for use by any program at the OTC Springfield Campus. Built by OTC’s Construction Technology Program, data suggests the space will improve student engagement and mental health.

Strategic Initiative #2: 3D Printer Visibility

Matt Geltmacher, Chris Rantz, Tom Foley, Desmond Ford and Shawna Grisham

The grant will fund the purchase of two 3-D printers, which will serve dual purposes: 1) reduce college expenses by printing equipment and parts needed for IT projects, and 2) demonstrate the application of 3-D printing in the college’s highly visible Robert W. Plaster Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

Strategic Initiative #2: Ozzie’s Digital Commons

Greyson Foresee, David Jones, Ryan Friend and Karyn O’Dell
Ozzy’s Digital Commons will provide future-focused resources to the college, and allow students to explore cutting-edge technology. This lab in Information Commons East will provide space for virtual reality tech, empowering students and instructors to test the boundaries of emerging innovations.


Strategic Initiative #1

Landon Vinson, Industrial Systems Technology Instructor

Jacque Harris, Instructional Designer

Strategic Initiative #2

Jacque Harris, Instructional Designer

Mitch Hurt, Electrical Distribution Systems Instructor

Strategic Initiative #3

Sarah Gott, Course Material Manager

Danelle Maxwell, Manufacturing Department Chair


Pollinate it Forward

Dr. Morgan Presley and Robert Clark

The OTC Green Council will partner with the City of Springfield and Springfield Public Schools to cultivate and explore native plants. Green Council volunteers will prepare native plant kits and lesson plans for partnering K-12 schools. Students will sprout the plants and raise them. Once grown, the plants will be transplanted to the OTC Springfield Campus.

Operation E.A.G.L.E

Erin Dooley

Operation E.A.G.L.E. (Empowering Advisor Growth, Leadership, and Excellence) provides training for staff whose primary role is advising. Training sessions, held twice a semester, cover a variety of topics to continue to improve their knowledge of various areas of the college. This project will not only support internal professional development, but also provide the opportunity for advisors to attend virtual conferences at no cost to themselves or their departments.

OpenStax Textbooks

Sarah Fancher

To support the adoption of OER and open textbooks, the OTC Hamra Library will purchase several physical copies of OpenStax textbooks related to high-enrollment general education courses. These textbooks will serve as review copies for instructors and reference copies for students.

Walking Pathways

Cara Griffin and Ginger Luke

This project will create three pedestrian paths through campus to promote staff and student wellness. The OTC Wellness Committee and the City of Springfield will map the routes, designating them with vinyl pavement markers.


Strategic Initiative #1: Farm to Table

Rob Flatness and Heather Eberlin

To create a real-world experience for agriculture and culinary students, this interdepartmental project will also allow for the use of OTC beef at college functions.

Strategic Initiative #2: Interactive Campus Maps

Hope Brooks-Lovan and Blayne Radford

To meet the expectations of today’s digital world, and to serve as a recruitment and marketing tool, interactive campus maps will be created.

Strategic Initiative #3: Former Felon Support Initiative

Jordan Schreiber, Joyce Bateman, Andrew Goodall and Kevin Luebbering

To address barriers to student success, a robust prison-to-college pipeline will be created to aid offenders with integration as an OTC student.


Difference Maker

Amanda Stone

Ms. Stone was recognized for driving impactful change on campus with products and processes that deliver enhanced transparency and efficiency.


Jeff Jones

Mr. Jones was recognized for leading by example, living the OTC mission, and inspiring and empowering his colleagues to pursue innovation.

World Changer

Dr. Loren Lundstrom

Dr. Lundstrom was recognized for his community service and outreach projects that positively impact OTC students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Library Fiction Collection Diversification

Sarah Fancher

This project aims to represent a multitude of perspectives and experiences in the library collection.

Canvas/IT Support Station

Philip Arnold

This project will combine the innovative minds of OTC Online and IT to create a centralized location for students who need assistance with Canvas or IT.

Mobile Student Services

Angel Portillo

This project will help bring resources that students need to the places they are the most by developing mobile Student Services stations at the beginning of each semester.

OTC Legal Clinic

Kevin Luebbering

This project partners with Legal Services of Southwest Missouri to host clinics that provide advice on a variety topics of interest to OTC students.

OTC’s Most Valuable Resource? Our Employees.

Cara Griffin

This project will breathe new life into OTC’s longevity awards, recognizing long-serving employees in new and meaningful ways.