2.61 – Attendance Requirements

A. Purpose

Establish the college’s expectation of student attendance.

B. Policy

All students are expected to be present for their scheduled classes and labs. Regular attendance and participation are required.

C. Procedures

Regular attendance is considered essential for student success and is expected during all courses for which the student is registered. Instructors shall maintain accurate class attendance in a college-sanctioned electronic system. Attendance must be updated on no less than a weekly basis.

If a student should miss a class, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor as soon as possible to determine what measures can be taken to make up the missed work to maintain the continuity of the course. Students must be aware, however, that the opportunity to make up an examination or other related work is not a student right, rather it is a privilege granted under special circumstances. The instructor is not obligated to give make-up work, quizzes, examinations or extend due dates because of a student absence.

Excessive lack of attendance or non-participation in a course may result in the student being administratively withdrawn from a course. Students should be aware that administrative withdrawal for lack of attendance or non-participation may reduce the amount of financial aid they receive, delay their graduation, or necessitate repayment of aid already received and does not relieve their obligation to pay all tuition and fees due to the college.

D. Definitions

Attendance in a seated or hybrid course is defined as the state of being physically present during the class meeting. Other specific criteria to be considered “in attendance” is at the discretion of the individual instructor must be included in the syllabus of the courses.

Attendance in an online course is defined as active participation in an academically-related activity. At least one academically-related activity should be conducted each week.

Examples of qualifying activities include, but are not limited to, exams, group projects, quizzes, discussion postings, emails (regarding course-related content and/or activities) to instructors and assignment submissions.

Merely accessing course-related materials (such as a course website or web-based platform) does not constitute attendance in an online class.

E. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

F. Related Policies

2.64 – Administrative Withdrawal from a Course

G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 10/08/01. Revised 07/19/11 and 02/06/12.

Purpose, procedures, responsibilities, and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 01/10/12. Revised on 09/19/13 and 6/4/19. Set to review in fiscal year 2025 – 2026.