3.25 Employee Attendance, Absences, and Recording Time

A.    Purpose

To establish standards for employees related to attendance and tracking work time.

B.    Policy

Employees are expected to report for work as scheduled and accurately complete time records.

C.    Procedures

Notification of Tardiness or Absence – An employee who will be absent or late should notify their supervisor as soon as circumstances allow, but no more than 30 minutes after the start of their designated shift.

Excessive Absences – When an employee uses all of their accrued paid leave time (except for qualifying leave under the FMLA), their absences may be considered excessive (equivalent to missing a month out of twelve working months). Such employee should not request a leave of absence without pay unless for an emergency or for an extraordinary circumstance. It will be up to the vice chancellor’s discretion to approve an absence without pay. An employee who has exhausted all of their accrued paid leave time may forfeit holidays or other college closures pay.

Work assignment/location – The college expects all employees to perform their work at their regularly assigned locations. When needed, the college can change an employee’s primary assignment location.
Any remote work arrangement must be approved by the employee’s supervisor in advance before any remote work is performed. When a long-term remote work arrangement is requested, it must be approved by the supervisor’s vice chancellor and the chancellor.

Recording Time (Non-Exempt Employees) – Non-exempt employees must accurately record all worked time using the online recordkeeping system.

  • The time record should be completed each workday and must be verified and approved by the employee’s supervisor.
  • If an employee believes a time record needs to be adjusted, the supervisor should be contacted to approve and conduct the adjustment.
  • Falsification of a time record is grounds for discipline, up-to and including termination. Completion of an employee’s time record by another employee, other than their supervisor, is considered falsification of a time record.
  • The following information should be recorded:
    • Actual time worked
    • Meal breaks (i.e., 30 minutes or more of uninterrupted time for a meal)
    • Utilized vacation days, sick leave, FMLA leave, bereavement leave, and Active Military Leave and Civil Leave.
  • Unless authorized by the employees’ supervisor and/or the Office of Human Resources in advance, it is expected that full-time non-exempt employees’ time record will show exactly 40 hours in all non-overtime weeks. This can be accomplished with 40 hours of work time, 40 hours of approved leave time, or some combination thereof.

Recording Time (Exempt Employees) – Exempt employees are paid on a salaried basis, may be required to work any hours necessary to perform the duties of their job, and do not receive overtime or additional pay for hours worked or travel time outside their regular schedule. If employee compensation is paid under a grant award, recordkeeping will be documented and processed in accordance with 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Administrative Requirement, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards 200.430 and 200.431. If compensation is not paid under a grant award, exempt employees are not required to keep record of time worked. However, exempt employees must accurately record in the online recordkeeping system the use of their leave time.

Attendance at Commencement – All full-time exempt employees are expected to attend commencement. Any non-exempt employees who have job duties related to the commencement ceremony are expected to attend and should record time worked on the online recordkeeping system. Adjunct faculty are not required to attend commencement.

Attendance at the College Development Days – All full-time employees are expected to attend College Development Days. Any absence must be pre-approved, recorded and a notification sent to their immediate supervisor. The supervisor must notify the Office of Human Resources regarding the approved absence. Any non-work-related absences at College Development Day will be treated as an absence from work and could impact the employee’s pay.

Department Specific Attendance Requirements – This policy is supplemented by any department-specific attendance requirements that have been implemented with the approval of the Office of Human Resources.

D.    Definitions

E.    Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the executive vice chancellor for administrative services.

F.    Related Policies

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G.    Implementation

Purpose, procedures, and definitions approved and adopted by the chancellor’s cabinet on 3/17/20, 6/17/20 and 1/25/22.

Policy approved and adopted by the board of trustees on 5/11/20. Set for review on fiscal year 2023-2024.