5.35 – Institutional Withdrawal

A.  Purpose

To establish criteria and processes the college may utilize to withdraw a student when the student is unable or unwilling to voluntarily withdraw due to extraordinary circumstances.

B. Policy

The college will maintain an institutional withdrawal process for students whose behaviors meet the institutional withdrawal criteria.

C. Procedures

Institutional Withdrawal Criteria

On occasion, students may experience behavioral or health concerns requiring a level of care that exceeds what the college can appropriately provide. In such circumstances, the college will afford students the opportunity to voluntarily withdraw from the college.

In situations where a student is unable or unwilling to voluntarily withdraw from the college, the college may impose an institutional withdrawal when the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), in consultation with other college personnel as appropriate, determines the following:

  • The student has engaged or threatened to engage in behavior that may pose a significant risk to the health or safety of one or more individuals or to the college community.
  • The student is unable or unwilling to carry out substantial self-care obligations and may pose a significant risk to their own health and safety not based on mere speculation, stereotypes, or generalizations.
  • The student has engaged or threatened to engage in behavior that poses a significant disruption to the programs, services, or activities of the college; or
  • The student has violated the terms of an agreed upon (by both the student and the college) behavior contract.

Individualized Assessment

Before the institutional withdrawal of a student, the BIT, in consultation with other college personnel as appropriate, will perform an individualized assessment to determine if there are interim steps,

modifications or accommodations that would permit the student to continue to participate in the college community without withdrawal. This assessment will include a review of available documentation and may include a review of documentation or communications from health professionals. This assessment process is outlined in the Student Care Team and Behavioral Intervention Team Protocol.

After performing an individualized assessment, the BIT may determine that a student will be withdrawn from the college. If this occurs, the college will decide and present this to the student in writing.

Upon institutional withdrawal, the college will make individualized determinations about the status of student debts to the college. The college will also make the appropriate academic designations, which will typically include a “W” grade notation for all courses withdrawn. A withdrawn student may lose residential status, financial aid eligibility, or athletic eligibility depending on academic requirements.

The college will also inform the student of the conditions the student must meet to return to the college.

Appeal Process

A student may use the appeal process outlined in policy 5.16 Student Discipline and Appeals to appeal an institutional withdrawal decision. In cases of appeal, the vice chancellor for student affairs or designee will receive and consider the recommendation of the BIT for the withdrawal and supporting documentation. The BIT members and approving college official(s) will not participate in the deliberation or decision regarding the student’s appeal.

D. Definitions

Administrator is a vice chancellor for student affairs, campus president(s), appropriate dean(s), director(s), assistant director(s), coordinator(s), assistant coordinator(s) or department chairperson(s) of the college.

Behavioral intervention team (BIT) is the designated OTC team whose members coordinate individualized assessments to determine appropriate college responses when reports of threatening behaviors are received.

College community includes students, faculty and staff of the college, the Board of Trustees, visitors, contractors, and consultants performing work or services on college owned or leased properties and all other invitees of the college.

E.  Authority

This policy and these procedures are maintained under the authority of the vice chancellor for student affairs.

F. Related Policies

2.64 Administrative Withdrawal from a Course

5.15 Standards of Student Conduct

5.16 Student Discipline and Appeals

5.17 Grievance Procedures for Students

G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 6/14/10 and 05/14/2018.

Policy Procedures, definitions, authority, and related policies sections revised on 6/8/10, 05/14/2018 and 04/16/2024.

Set for review 2026-2027.