6.08 – Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

A. Purpose

To establish responsibilities and procedures regarding the solicitation and acceptance of gifts and grants.

B. Policy

The college welcomes financial support from state and federal governments, businesses, clubs, organizations, individuals and others. All requests for such support shall be administered by the chancellor or designated representative.

C. Procedures

The chancellor delegates authority for the execution of this policy to the Strategic Planning and Grant Development office and the OTC Foundation. No other faculty, staff or student is authorized to solicit funds or accept gifts for the college without prior approval of the chancellor or designated representative.

D. Definitions


E. Authority

This policy and these procedures are maintained under the authority of the chancellor.

F. Related Policies


G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 11/11/2019.

Purpose, Procedures, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies approved and adopted by the chancellor’s cabinet on 11/05/2019.

Set for review in fiscal year 2026