6.14 Solicitation and Advertising on College Property

A.    Purpose

To establish the guidelines for solicitation and advertising in order to avoid disruption to college operations.

B.    Policy

All solicitation and advertising on college property shall be prohibited, except as allowed by law on public right of ways adjacent to non-vacated streets or by approval from the vice chancellor for administrative services or their designee.

The OTC Foundation occupies a unique role to support students and college operations, and is, therefore, exempt from this policy.

C.    Procedures

This policy shall not prohibit educational vendors from providing information to college employees which may be intended for or necessary to conduct college business, recognized student organizations from bringing groups on campus, four-year colleges, and the military from setting up information tables, or vendors from participating in designated events with approval from the appropriate staff.

Scheduling for regionally accredited institutions of higher learning, student organizations, and military requests will be coordinated by the vice chancellor for administrative services for the OTC Springfield campus or the respective campus president, center director, or their designee at all other college locations.

Upon approval of a designated college employee, marketing materials may be placed in appropriate locations. Distributing materials on any unapproved location to include parked vehicles or otherwise leaving materials unattended is expressly prohibited.

If a college employee is selling a product or service to another employee with supervisor approval, it should not disturb or distract employees from their work duties.

D.    Definitions

College property includes all campus and center locations and all properties owned, leased, or controlled by the college.

Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, approaching, summoning, or making requests of a person for the purpose of advertising or selling goods, products and/or services.

E.    Authority

This policy and these procedures are maintained under the authority of executive vice chancellor for administrative services.

F.    Related Policies

4.10 Trespassing

G.    Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 14, 2022.

Purpose, procedures, definitions and authority approved and adopted by the cabinet on November 2, 2021. Set for review in fiscal year 2024 – 2025.