6.30 – College Owned Wireless Communication Devices

A. Purpose

To provide governance for the use of college provided wireless communication devices.

B. Policy

The college assigns wireless communication devices to designated departments which, by the nature of departmental duties, are required to be regularly accessible by telephone or e-mail.

C. Procedures

College owned wireless communication devices are assigned to a department or area of the College, such as Safety & Security, Information Technology, Communications and Marketing.

D. Responsibilities

The selection for criteria of a college owned wireless communication device and carrier shall include evaluation of accessibility and monthly plan costs. The selection shall be recommended by the Chief Technology Officer and approved by the Chancellor.

E. Definitions


F. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Finance.

G. Related Policies


H. Implementation

1. Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 4/4/05. Revised 5/19/08. 8/12/19.
2. Purpose, Procedures, Responsibilities, Definitions, Authority and Related Policies approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 5/19/08, Revised 6/18/19.
3. Set for review on 11/2022