6.38 – Crisis Management Plan

  1. Overview

    Ozarks Technical Community College is committed to supporting the welfare of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. Preparing a College Crisis Management Plan and allocating resources to respond to possible emergencies is one way the College offers this support.

    The Crisis Management Plan shall be developed to provide general guidance for crisis situations. This direction will serve to maximize human survival and preservation of property, minimize danger, restore normal operations of the College and assure responsive communications with the College community, surrounding neighborhoods and the municipality. This plan shall be set in operation whenever a natural or induced emergency affecting the College reaches proportions that cannot be handled by established measures. A crisis may be sudden and unforeseen, or of varying warning periods. The plan is intended to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate contingencies of all types, magnitudes and durations.

  2. Crisis Management Committee

    The Chancellor shall appoint and maintain a standing Crisis Management Committee. Membership should be reflective of the diversity directive of the College and represent a cross-section of College personnel.

    The Committee’s primary function will be the development and maintenance of the policies and procedures contained within the Crisis Management Plan. To accomplish this directive, the Committee shall meet no less than once a calendar year to review and update the Crisis Management Plan to reflect the best and most current thinking in the area.

September 10, 2007