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2.30 – Credit For Prior Learning

A. Purpose

Establish criteria for the acceptance of student prior learning for college credit.

B. Policy

It is the policy of this College that a student may receive college credit for prior learning if they can demonstrate the required skills by means of an established assessment.

C. Procedures

1. The maximum allowable credit for prior learning that will be applied to a degree program will be the number of credits required for the degree with 15 hours taken as residency at OTC.
2. The maximum allowable credit for prior learning that will be applied to a certificate is the number of credits required to complete the certificate after the completion of one course at OTC.
3. Each program accepting prior learning for college credit will establish the assessment process needed to evaluate the student’s proficiency in the necessary skills/competencies.
4. The credit awarded for prior learning does not apply to courses transferred from other institutions.

D. Responsibilities
The Office of Academic Affairs will ensure the establishment of appropriate assessment processes for the evaluation for the skills/competencies needed to demonstrate proficiency.

E. Definitions

Credit for prior learning the process of awarding college credit based on the demonstration of proficiency in the skills/competencies required.

F. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

G. Related Policies

H. Implementation

1.   Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 10/21/13.

2.   Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Cabinet on 09/19/13. Set for review on 09/19/18.

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