2.70 – Grading System

A. Purpose

Establish guidelines for grading of credit courses.

B. Policy

Official grades will be issued for each student at the end of each semester for each credit course in which the student is enrolled.

C. Procedures

Students enrolled in credit courses will be graded by the letter grade system indicated below and assigned a grade point average (GPA) for each semester.

The GPA is determined by dividing the total number of grade points by the number of credit hours attempted. Transfer credits are not included in the institutional GPA computation.

A The student has, in an exemplary way, met the objectives established for the course. 4
B The student has, in a superior way, met the objectives for the course. 3
C The student has adequately met the objectives for the course. 2
D The student has minimally met the objectives for the course. 1
F The student failed to meet the objectives for the course. 0
Au Audit: The student enrolled in and completed the course as an β€œauditor.” Requirements for successful completion as an auditor are arranged with the course instructor. Does not count as credit for the course. 0
I Incomplete: The student has not submitted all assignments by the final grade submission deadline. Please refer to section D for the definition of an incomplete grade. 0
N Used in conjunction with letter grades of A, B, C, or D for classes below college-level (numbered less than 100-level). Does not count as hours attempted or as hours earned. These courses are not included in consideration for honors. 0
NP Not Passing: Given for courses (numbered less than 100-level) where satisfactory work has not been completed. 0
W Withdrawn: The student dropped or was withdrawn prior to the deadline to withdraw. Does not count as hours attempted or as hours earned. 0
S Credit by Exam: The student received credit for the course through proficiency examination. Counts as hours earned but not as hours attempted. 0
P Passing: May be used with approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 0
G Academic Fresh Start: Used in conjunction with the original letter grade earned by the student. Course no longer counts toward a certificate or degree.
T Transfer: Credits transferred from another institution.
R Repeat: The student has repeated the course work. 0


D. Definitions

Incomplete Grade: An incomplete grade may be awarded to students who have been doing acceptable work throughout the semester but who have not completed all assignments by the final grade submission deadline due to unforeseen life events that occur at the end of the semester. Students shall have six weeks from the end of the semester to complete remaining assignments. Students who are protected under Title IX, such as pregnant and parenting students, may be provided additional accommodations for completing missed assignments.

An incomplete grade may be awarded under the following conditions:

The student has failed to complete a minimum number of assignments.

The instructor and the student have mutually agreed that an incomplete grade is an acceptable remedy.

The instructor and student have worked together to determine a plan for completion of remaining assignments within the six-week time frame.

The instructor will submit a grade change form after the six week time frame to record the final grade.

E. Authority

This policy is maintained under the authority of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

F. Related Policies

2.30 – Credit for Prior Learning

2.63 – Repeating Courses

2.64 – Administrative Withdrawal from a Course

2.04 – Transfer of Credit

5.31 – Academic Fresh Start

G. Implementation

Policy approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on 10/14/19. Revised on 2/23/98, 9/19/05, 10/14/19.

Purpose, procedures, responsibilities and definitions approved and adopted by the Chancellor’s Cabinet on 10/01/19. Set for review in fiscal year 2022 – 2023.

Revised 2/23/98, 9/19/05, 10/14/19