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6.36 – Surplus Property Disposal

  1. Surplus property shall be identified by the appropriate department and approved by the Vice Chancellor.

  2. Once surplus property is identified and a completed Equipment Transfer/Disposal form is reviewed by the Budget and Finance office, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services will confer with all other Vice Chancellors to determine if there is an internal need for property prior to the proposed disposal. If there are no transfer requests, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services will initiate disposal alternatives.

  3. Property will be held in storage until disposal or transfer by allowable established methods. In order of preference, these methods are public auction, sealed bid, donation or destruction. Items held in storage for disposition shall be similarly labeled and stored for respective-like group disposal.

  4. In those instances where disposal is by public auction, the College may hold its own auction or cooperatively participate with other public agencies in conducting a pooled auction. Notice of auction may include advertisement in at least two newspapers of general circulation, in such places as are most likely to reach prospective attendees. An electronic medium available to the general public may also be used, and other methods of advertisement may be utilized when such other methods are deemed to be appropriate.

  5. Sealed bid requests may also be made by advertisement, and bids may be requested and received using electronic mail, facsimile, or mailed hard copy, with a reasonable time and date for response included in the bid. Bids are to be opened and reviewed by the appropriate College official. The best bid that meets all requirements of the bid specifications will normally be accepted, although the right is reserved to reject any and all bids.

  6. Property donation may be made to other public entities or to service organizations.

  7. Destruction may be by standard waste disposal, except that hazardous waste products shall be eliminated under the direction of the staff member designated to ensure compliance with EPA requirements.

  8. The Equipment Transfer/Disposal form will document the salvage value of the property and the method of disposal. Appropriate supporting documentation will be included where applicable.


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