Vice Chancellors

Joan Barrett_OTC WEB

Joan Barrett, Ed.D.
Student Affairs

Dr. Tracy McGrady Fa17

Tracy McGrady, Ed.D.
Academic Affairs

Rob Rector Fa18

Mr. Rob Rector
Administrative Services

Campus and Center Presidents

Dr. Hal Higdon

Hal L. Higdon, Ph.D.
Springfield Campus

Cliff Davis Fa 2014

Cliff Davis, Ed.D.
Richwood Valley Campus

Robert Griffith

Robert Griffith, Ph.D.
Table Rock Campus

Dustin Childress

Dustin Childress, Ph.D.
OTC Education Centers


Abby Benz

 Dr. Abby Benz
Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Simpson Spring 2017

 Matt Simpson
Chief Research and Planning Officer

David Esping Su2015

Mr. David Esping
Chief Technology Officer

Amy Bacon

Mrs. Amy Bacon
Chief of Staff

Ocki Haas

Ms. Ocki Haas
Chief Human Resources Officer

Mark Miller Sp19

 Mr. Mark Miller
Chief Media Relations and Issues Management Officer